Who is the Transcendent Team??


Cris Larson - Transcendent Trainers Founder:

       Cris grew up in Central New York, the Finger Lakes region to be exact. She grew up on a farm and started her life journey with animals with horses and dogs at a young age. She rode and showed medium and large pony hunters until she graduated to a young Thoroughbred/Quarter horse cross who never had a saddle on him before. With that young horse, Cris began to learn how to work and communicate with animals on a deeper level and become a trainer.  She took a bit of a break from horses and dogs as she attended college. But as an adult, she found her way back to sharing her life with a working partner.

      In 2000, Cris adopted her first Rottweiler from a local animal shelter with the idea she would be getting a pet to keep her company while her husband was active duty in the US Coast Guard. Little did she know the path Sam would take her on as their relationship grew. She and Sam attended basic obedience classes and it became apparent Sam enjoyed learning new things and liked to work. So, they ventured into the world of competitive obedience, rally-obedience, and therapy dog work. Sam also led Cris to the world of volunteering with a New England based Rottweiler rescue and a position of Volunteer Coordinator for Rhode Island. Sam led Cris to become the Canine Good Citizen and Rally Obedience instructor at the facility they trained at regularly. Sam finally lead her to find her current dogs, Lars and Ocean and the performance dog sport and therapy dog paths they now walk. Cris also is the owner and founder of our sister company Train 'Em Tasks - www.trainemtasks.com


Lars - Head of Marketing & Lead Customer Service Representative:

      Lars is Cris' 8 year old male Rottweiler and he too hails from Upstate New York. Lars is also known as URO2 UCD UCH Deerwood's Larson Bravo Zulu UD GN RAE NJP NAP NFP OCC OJC TG-E EAC O-WV-E S-TN-E APDT RL2 AOE-L1, L2 HIC TT CGC TDI (All Breed Obedience High in Trial Winner - 2010 American Rottweiler Club Agility Top 10  - 2011 Colonial Rottweiler Club Agility Top 10 - 2012 American Rottweiler Club  Open Obedience Top 10 2013 - American Rottweiler Club Final Rally Top Ten - NADAC Novice/Open Versatility - 2012, 2013 NADAC Judge's Choice Award - 2012, 2013 NADAC #1 Rottweiler.) He and Cris have been very successful in rally-obedience, competitive obedience and agility. Currently, Lars is working on his AKC Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) title, AKC Obedience Master (OM) title and higher levels of AKC agility. It seems that he has taken on the role of what Cris believes to be her once in a lifetime dog.

      Not only is he an accomplished performance dog, Lars spends some of his free time at the local library as their Tail Waggin' Tutor with Therapy Dog International, Inc. He helps children practice their reading skills by being an active listener and helps them build confidence with their reading. He's become quite a popular character at the library with not only the kids and their parents, but with the librarians too!


Ocean - Customer Service Intern:

Ocean is Cris' 4 year old and her newest performance dog. Ocean's alias is Deerwood's Oh Stars on the Water! RE OAP OJP XFP PD SPS SPJ APG SPR NJC TN-O APDT RL1 AOE-L1 HIC CGC (2013, 2015 American Rottweiler Club Agility Top 10, 2015 American Rottweiler Club Rally Advanced and Excellent Top 10) and he comes from Upstate New York as well. He and Lars are very closely related. They are cousins and their mothers are litter mates. Ocean is an excellent example of "You don't get the dog you want, you get the dog you need." When Ocean came to live with Cris, her husband, and Lars...none of them were thinking about bringing a puppy into the house. But, they decided to let fate bring them a new family member two years ahead of their planned schedule and see what sort of purpose Ocean had for them.

     Ocean's performance forte is dog agility and he has been competing in AKC and USDAA agility. He shows great drive and power when running an agility course. He runs agility with conviction and confidence. As he is maturing, it's becoming apparent, Ocean will be a powerhouse of an agility dog. While Ocean is learning all about competitive obedience, he is also actively competing in three venues of Rally Obedience. Watch out for this Kidd-O because he is well on his way of becoming a working dog force to be reckoned with like his "big brother," Lars.