How Transcendent Trainers came to be...

Over the years of being a dog sport enthusiast and a dog show exhibitor I began to notice what people choose to wear at those events and the message they try to convey. Over those same years I've seen that there aren't a lot of wearable positive things for us dog people that strengthen us as trainer & handlers. There are a ton of shirts and stuff out there that poke fun at us and our shortcomings... things that don't build us up. I know we've all seen shirts that say "Dog Wants New Handler." or "Great Dog, Shame About the Handler." In fact, I have some of those sorts of shirts myself. If we wear those negative, self defeating messages...what does that say about what we really feel about ourselves?? Why do we project our negative self image to others around us and out to the universe? Recently, I have been doing quite a bit of work on my own self-awareness and I've learned where we are in our own head-space massively impacts training and working our dogs. 

I saw and bought a shirt I got from a vendor at the USDAA New England Regionals the summer of 2015 that said something about believing in myself and my dog. The couple of agility trials I wore it to and after posting a chest selfie of my shirt, I had a bunch of friends say they needed that shirt or where could they get one. I went off and googled thinking I could locate it in a page or two. I was surprised to see that I couldn't find anything like that online. I found that actually disappointing.
Being the creative entrepreneur that I am, I set out to fix that that problem for people. The problem of not having something to wear that builds ourselves with positivity and self love each time we take our dogs' leashes  I'm offering clothing and gifts with empowering designs and messages (all designed and hand drawn by me!!) for us and our dogs and I'm calling it "Transcendent Trainers.
Do you need a positive message to wear at your next training lesson with your dog or at your next dog show? Be inspired & be transcendent!