Compass Let Go... Blank Note Cards

$ 12.00

These cards are a pack of six 4.25 x 5.5" note cards, printed in house on matte white card stock paper. These note cards are blank inside. The cards will come with seven white envelopes. These cards will be placed in a a clear plastic, 5 x 7" bag and shipped first class mail.

How many of us are overly attached to the outcome of dog shows and trials? How many of us get so psyched out when we step into the ring when something big is on the line? How many of us choke because ring nerves got the best of us?

"Let go...let it happen."

Sometimes you just have to let go of of that attachment to titles or achievements. Letting go and not forcing things to happen for us feels so counter-intuitive but it's just what we need to do sometimes. Letting go and letting it happen for us is so hard when something we've worked so hard towards is on the line. But here's a reminder you can wear to keep yourself grounded. The less we form unhealthy attachments from the good stuff that we want, the more likely the good stuff will happen.

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