Ladies Karma Dark Tee

$ 24.00

There's a story behind this particular design. I have a friend who runs agility and I see her the same trials I run at. She runs agility with he Boxer, her mom's Springer Spaniel, and her young Belgian Malinois. She's also a cancer survivor. Her Malinois' name is Karma and when she would see me at the trials vending with Transcendent gear, she would say "you need a Karma shirt." I thought to myself "Challenge accepted."

My friend and I collaborated on this design. The symbol in the middle is "Karma" in Sanskrit. And the Malinois coming around and going around "Karma" is actually my friend's dog...Karma.

These are the types of graphics that are so special because they really mean something to someone and they feature likenesses of real dogs who share their lives with friends of mine.

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