Ladies Remember Your Reason Hoodie

$ 40.00

We all start out in dog sports for different reasons. But the underlying reason usually is we wanted to do something with our dog for fun. We started playing these games with our canine partners for enjoyment and to build/strengthen a bond with them. We got started in a sport maybe because a friend of ours was taking classes and we wanted to join them because it looked like a good time.

If you've been playing with a dog sport long enough, people suggest that you start to compete with your dog. Competition can really change someone's outlook on that sport they started just for fun. Stepping into a ring where they will be judged can be scary and nerve wracking for some handlers...especially if they are new to competition. Others are fueled by titles, placements, awards, top 10 placements and end up putting a lot of pressure on themselves and their dogs to perform well. Sometimes the fun is lost when people lose sight of why they starting working with their dog in the first place.

"Remember your reason..." on our shirt can be a grounding reminder to ourselves of why we're here in the first place. It's to remind us that fun with our dog and our friends is the main objective why we're training, practicing, and showing with our dogs. Return to your initial reason and the success will follow.

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